Master’s dissertations and PhD theses

In France, individual doctoral supervision is only possible subsequent to passing a specific degree (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches). I have three currently enrolled (all with contracts, which I’m particularly pleased about) and two successfully completed; three others unfortunately abandoned for personal or health reasons.


2023-. Warren Bonard: Intégration de l’analyse du discours dans un programme d’apprentissage en anglais de spécialité. Joint supervision with Mary Lavissière, Université de Nantes, ANR contract.

2022-. Alessandra Cacciato: Mobile DDL for Italian in French secondary schools. UL doctoral contract.

2021-. Jarvis Tze-Chien Looi: The effects of data-driven learning on French as foreign language learners’ acquisition. Joint PhD UL / University Malaya, co-supervisors Roshidah Hassan and Patricia Nora Riget.


2015-2020. Anaïs Carnet: L’utilisation de séries télévisées dans l’apprentissage de la consultation pour les étudiants de médecine français. 30th November (there are no longer any grades or mentions for doctorates in France).

2010-14. Corinne Landure: Étude Comparative de l’Exploitation Directe de Corpus Générique et Spécifique L2 par des Apprenants LANSAD. Mention très honorable avec les félicitations du jury votées à l’unanimité. Joint supervision with Natalie Kübler, Université Paris 7 Diderot, 10 décembre.


2016-21. Sylvain Perraud: Anglais de spécialité de la physique (ASPhy) dans le contexte de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche : caractérisation et perspectives didactiques. Abandoned

2020-21. Eulalie Lomon: Les TICE pour surmonter l’anxiété langagière lors des interactions orales en classe d’anglais. Joint supervision with Virginie Privas-Bréauté.

2013-14.  Luc Geiller: Production Écrite et Assimilation de Modèles Linguistiques chez les Apprenants d’Anglais. Abandoned.


I have supervised dozens of 1st-and 2nd-year Master’s dissertations in different departments of the University of Lorraine. Depending on the type, these are typically around 40-80 pages long, in English or in French, and subject to defence in front of a two- or three-person evaluation committee. Topics I have supervised relate to English linguistics and applied linguistics: language teaching and learning, corpus linguistics, information and communication technologies, lexicology, the history of English, etc.

I have participated in a number of PhD and HDR evaluation committees and related events for English and Linguistics in France and occasionally abroad (Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands). I have also participated in recruitment panels for Senior Lecturer and Professor posts in English and Linguistics in universities throughout France more often than I like to count, as well as for teaching-only positions.


Teaching departments

My current teaching post is in the UFR Lansad but I teach some courses in other departments too:

  • UFR Lansad – Langues pour Spécialistes d’Autres Disciplines (EFL and ESP). Undergraduate and post-graduate students in Law, the Humanities and the Social Sciences; the syllabuses and programmes are devised between a team of colleagues.
  • Erudi – Études et Ressources Universitaires à Distance (distance degrees). Undergraduate and post-graduate students in English; teachers are entirely responsible for creating and producing their own courses on line.
  • UFR LLCER (English department). Undergraduate and post-graduate students in English; many classes involve team-teaching.

Professors and Senior Lecturers in France have a statutory 192 hours of lectures, seminars and tutorials per year, though as director of a research lab I have a reduced load which means I had to give up some of my courses from 2017-2018.


Courses taught

Current teaching (2021-22):

  • Master’s degree (5th year): Corpus Linguistics (Erudi)
  • Master’s degree (4th year): Research Methodology in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (LLCER)
  • Master’s degree (4th year): English for Law (Lansad)
  • Bachelor’s degree (3rd year): Language teaching and learning (English Department)
  • Bachelor’s degree (3rd year): English for the Social Sciences (Lansad)
  • Bachelor’s degree (1st year): Approaching English at University (Lansad)

Other courses taught in recent years:

  • Master’s degree (5th year): Modern Language Teaching Theory (Espé)
  • Master’s degree (5th year): Applied Linguistics (Erudi)
  • Master’s degree (4th year): Language teaching and learning (Erudi)
  • Master’s degree (4th year): Research Methodology in Applied Linguistics (Erudi)
  • Master’s degree (4th year) : Case Studies in Applied Linguistics (Erudi)
  • Bachelor’s degree (3rd year): English Lexicology (Erudi)
  • Bachelor’s degree (3rd year): History of the English Language (Erudi)
  • Bachelor’s degree (3rd year): Non-literary Translation French/English (Erudi)
  • Bachelor’s degree (3rd year): Introduction to General Linguistics (Erudi)

I have taught additional courses in a number of higher education institutions in Nancy over the years, including:

  • Crapel (teacher training and professional development in Nancy and overseas)
  • École d’Architecture de Nancy (school of architecture)
  • IUFM / Espé / Inspé de Lorraine (teacher training institute)
  • Esstin (engineering college)
  • Département d’anglais (English department)
  • Centre de Télé-enseignement Universitaire (distance teaching department)
  • Faculté de Médecine (medical school)
  • Cuces-Universités (continued training institute)
  • IUT Charlemagne (technical college)