Current projects

Multidimensional lexicology:
theory, construction and exploitation
of lexical networks (IUF Project)


This five-year project is linked to my nomination as a senior member of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF), 2014 promotion. It targets the theorization, construction and exploitation of new lexical models that are not conceived of as texts, such as paper or electronic dictionaries, but rather as multidimensional lexical networks called Lexical Systems. This project builds on my previous research on Explanatory Combinatorial Lexicology/Lexicography and on several ongoing lexicographic enterprises, such as the French Lexical Network (fr-LN), in order to develop and to promote a computer-based multidimensional lexicology of Lexical Systems. Three axes are given priority: 1) practice of lexicology of Lexical Systems, 2) multilingual perspective (French, English, Russian, Spanish, Korean, etc.) and 3) multidisciplinary perspective (theoretical linguistics, language teaching, automatic semantic processing of textual data and terminology).

Explanatory Combinatorial Lexicology
of the Russian language (ru-ECL)


ru-ECL is conducted in the context of a partnership between ATILF (Nancy) and CREE–INaLCO (Paris). It targets the construction of the Russian Lexical Network (ru-LN): a Lexical System elaborated according to the same theoretical, descriptive and methodological principles at the French Lexical Network (fr-LN). I am the project main investigator for ATILF and Svetlana Krylosova is the main investigator for CREE–INaLCO.

ItsyBitsy Editor


The ItsyBitsy Editor project aims at replacing the Dicet lexicographic editor (currently used for building Lexical Systems, such as the French Lexical Network) with ItsyBitsy, a new generation editor. ItsyBitsy Editor is funded by the CPER LCHN (Langues, Connaissances & Humanités Numériques) initiative. For details, consult the webpage of the ItsyBitsy Editor project.