Research interests

I’m interested in using different forms of technology for teaching (and learning) languages. Some of my major research interests include –

  • Digital gaming
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Extended Reality (XR) in Language Learning (2D, 3D VR)
  • Language for Specific purposes
  • Learner and Teacher Autonomy and Autonomisation
  • Use of Automatic Translation Tools.

These are applied to Lansad, English for Specific Purposes (law, finance) and Pre-service teacher training contexts.

Research-related activities

  • Co-Editor of Mélanges Crapel (2021-)
  • Member of Associations: ARDAA, APLIUT, GERAS, SIG on Learner Autonomy (CERCLES)
  • Conference Organisation: EPAL 2011, 2013, 2015; GERAS 2020; RANACLES 2022 (forthcoming)
  • Organisation of research seminars for « Les 20ans de l’ATILF«  (see page)
  • Organisation of « Atelier des Doctorants » at least 3 times a year for PhD candidates of the research group CRAPEL
  • Reviewer for Eurocall short papers (2021), Mélanges Crapel (vol 40, 41) & Revista Scripta (vol. 21, n˚43)
  • Supervision, Master’s dissertations (2020-)